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Here Are Some People to Inspire You to Write

We’re nearing the end of National Novel Writing Month and entering the season of giving thanks, so I thought I’d share a few presentations by writers to inspire you. These are TED Talks – short (~20 minutes) inspirational talks you can find on YouTube for just about any topic you’d like. Writing books: Elizabeth Gilbert […]


Life Matters

It is written and often stated that it is the struggles , failures in each of our lives that grow us . Witnessed tragedy – suddenness – how can I process all I am seeing ? A young man well known to me , an MD completing training in General Surgery , excited for the life before him – accepted to a fellowship in Cardiovascular Surgery . One day , one moment , one life altering medical event – no warning , no reason or explanation – acute vertigo and then unable to walk manifesting massive involuntary neuromuscular movements . Now confined ! Why ?


Resonant Hearts

It is my genuine , sincere desire to share with an audience of which I am one about what I term “The Human Condition” . As a physician/surgeon who deals with the heart and the true reality of ” life in the balance ” , I feel justified in sharing ” Human Interest ” stories that RESONATE with my heart and my HOPE is that they will RESONATE with your’s as well. Therein lies our bond , our commonality , our connectedness , and yes ultimately at least some aspect of our needed ” HEALING ”
I certainly do not have all the answers , for that I am certain and sure of . My desire and HOPE is that through our sharing , we together can create , construct a “resting place ” for you, me , and our SOULS .Confess , we all need to rest , restore , rejuvenate , and grow – linked , bonded to another dealing with , struggling over many of the same issues bering down on us .
So please , know that I will share from my heart to your heart. I come from maybe a different vantage or perspective point of view but I know there is a common PULSE / BEAT that RESONATES HEART to HEART ,and SOUL TO SOUL . This is not all meant to be “weighted ” – it is VITAL that we share our interests , our hopes and dreams , as well as our passions.I want to be a part of HEARTS that RESONATE


Heart Matters

The plethora of self-help books,seminars,counselors,psychologists and pschiatrist not to mention the excessive use of anti psychotic drugs- mood uppers and downers/antidepressants,antianxiety,sedatives,narcotics,etc exist to help us cope with life. Is it possible to seek a more fulfilling ,productive,enjoyable,and “Healthy” life ?  We will dialogue about the ill effects of stress,anxiety,etc and those of the out of balance non intentionally pattern and apathy of life as we know and fell it now.

How do we fill the hole in our soul ?