Life Matters

It is written and often stated that it is the struggles , failures in each of our lives that grow us . Witnessed tragedy – suddenness – how can I process all I am seeing ? A young man well known to me , an MD completing training in General Surgery , excited for the life before him – accepted to a fellowship in Cardiovascular Surgery . One day , one moment , one life altering medical event – no warning , no reason or explanation – acute vertigo and then unable to walk manifesting massive involuntary neuromuscular movements . Now confined ! Why ?

1 Response to “Life Matters”

  1. 1 Karen
    January 31, 2012 at 3:12 pm

    We can’t look at it as “why?” – although that’s what most of us do in these shocking life events. (why does a mother lose her only child to cancer at 18?), but instead put our faith and trust in God’s hands that one day it will all be explained and make “sense” to us. God never promised an “easy” road in this life, but he did promise to travel the road WITH us if we allow Him.

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