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Resonant Hearts

It is my genuine , sincere desire to share with an audience of which I am one about what I term “The Human Condition” . As a physician/surgeon who deals with the heart and the true reality of ” life in the balance ” , I feel justified in sharing ” Human Interest ” stories that RESONATE with my heart and my HOPE is that they will RESONATE with your’s as well. Therein lies our bond , our commonality , our connectedness , and yes ultimately at least some aspect of our needed ” HEALING ”
I certainly do not have all the answers , for that I am certain and sure of . My desire and HOPE is that through our sharing , we together can create , construct a “resting place ” for you, me , and our SOULS .Confess , we all need to rest , restore , rejuvenate , and grow – linked , bonded to another dealing with , struggling over many of the same issues bering down on us .
So please , know that I will share from my heart to your heart. I come from maybe a different vantage or perspective point of view but I know there is a common PULSE / BEAT that RESONATES HEART to HEART ,and SOUL TO SOUL . This is not all meant to be “weighted ” – it is VITAL that we share our interests , our hopes and dreams , as well as our passions.I want to be a part of HEARTS that RESONATE